Effective Fire Suppression Systems

Automatic suppression systems are often specified for computer suites, server rooms, data centres, or other applications where concerns are not only the replacement cost of fire-damaged critical equipment, but also the associated costs related to business continuity. Gaseous suppression systems are available for full-room protection and individual cabinet protection. Both types of system incorporate FM200 or similar clean, non-toxic gas as the extinguishing agent. Get in touch with us, in, Buckinghamshire, to learn more about our automatic extinguishing systems.


Total Room and Void Protection

The required amount of extinguishing gas, pipe configuration, and number of release nozzles is calculated to suit the layout and size of the room. The system is controlled by a specially designed 2-stage smoke detection system that minimises the possibility of gas release in the event of a false alarm.


Redetec Cabinet Protection

Individual cabinet protection can be provided using the rack-mounted Redetec fire suppression system, which releases extinguishing agent at the source of a fire within an enclosure, thus minimising damage and downtime. The Redetec unit can be interfaced for monitoring by the premises’ main fire alarm system.

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